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12+ Awesome Artificial Flowers for Cake Decoration

Cake decoration is an art in itself! No matter how tasty and yummy the cake you make, if the presentation is not good enough, people won’t love your work. People love a well-made cake with an amazingly beautiful presentation. They love to take photographs of the cake, they make videos of the cake and post on Instagram, and they share the pictures with friends and family.

cake decor using artificial flowers
Cake decor by Kruthi Bipin

Decorating a cake is equally important as making it tasty! Have you ever thought of decorating a cake with silk-based artificial flowers? In this article, we feature 12+ artificial flowers for cake decoration, along with artificial leaf bunches and flower bunches.

Who doesn’t enjoy having a cake that is decorated with beautiful flowers? Floral cakes are so elegant they’re wedding-worthy without a doubt. Cake décor using artificial flowers results in an elegant visual delight for anyone who can’t get enough of the beauty of those. 

The biggest advantage of cake decorating using artificial flowers is that it is easy and fast. The design output you get is marvelous. As a baker, you don’t need any cake decor tools in hand like piping bags or anything at all to create an awesome cake decor using artificial flowers.

But how do you safely decorate a cake with artificial flowers? Good question! It is super simple. First and foremost, pick a flower for your cake that complements the design, color, and theme. Place a sheet of wax paper or plastic wrap on the part of the cake where you will be placing the flowers if you are just setting them on the cake (flat) rather than sticking them in. To hold the flowers in place, apply small amounts of buttercream on top. Make sure the area is thoroughly covered so that no one can spot your deception. You can see how easy it is to put flowers on a cake.

Artificial Flowers for Cake Decor

A wide variety of artificial flowers are available in different designs, shapes, colors, and sizes for cake decoration. The models we list below are made of fabric material (silk/nylon), and they are of really good quality. Most flowers are available in a range of colors, say 12 to 25 colors for each flower variety. So let’s start exploring our artificial flowers for cake decor!

#1 Peony Flower (Premium)

cake decor flowers
Peony flowers for cake decoration

In floriography, the language of flowers, peonies represent all the good stuff: good fortune, happy marriage, riches, honor, and compassion, and surprisingly, bashfulness.

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This artificial peony flower is on our trending list from the year 2021, and is still one of the most popular flower among cake bakers. These artificial peonies can perfectly match the color of your cake, and they are available in 22 colors say pastel shades, lavender, dark shades like red, pink, light shades like peach, off white and so on.

cake decor using artificial peony flowers
Cake decor by CocoLetDiary

These premium quality peony artificial flowers are handmade using good quality fabric (Silk) cloth material and are ideal for cake decor. If you are looking for the best and real looking peony flowers available on the market, then you have found it! 

#2 Paris Rose (Budget-Friendly)

artificial roses for cake decoration
Paris Rose – for cake decor

A bunch of Paris roses are the best suitable choice to adorn an authentic white 3-tiered wedding cake, or a birthday cake that gives a modest look. Paris is known as the city of love, so are the Paris roses. They are ideal to adorn any occasion and are the most widely used flowers for cake decorations due to their elegance, budget friendliness and striking color.

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Decorate your dream wedding cake with artificial flowers and create a cascading floral cake topper for your upcoming wedding the one that perfectly matches with your wedding colors and themes. Whether you are decorating your cake or creating floral centerpieces for events and weddings, choose Paris rose flowers and be inspired by their permanent beauty.

Cake decoration using artificial rose flowers
Cake decor by CocoLetDiary

These gorgeous roses could elevate any design. These premium quality roses are available in a variety of shades such as light pink, Brown, Light peach, Pink, Peach, Red, White, and Wine Red .They all are 4cm wide and 6 cm long. 

#3 Dahlia Flowers (Beauty!)

Artificial flowers for cake decoration
Dahlia – for cake decoration

Indigenous to central Mexico, the Dahlia is having a resurgence in popularity due to its variety in color, shape, and size and it displays a symbol of commitment and an everlasting bond. Artificial Dahlia flowers makes the best choice to decorates wedding decors and cake decors. The unique pattern and its striking colour will make the cakes look more elegant and pretty.

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Dahlia will add an extra touch of magic and meaning to your birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and anniversary cakes. These medium sized premium quality beautiful Dahlias come in 5 or more different shades like Watermelon Pink, Orange, Light peach, Dark peach and Dark lavender, Off White and so on . 

#4 Open Rose

Open Rose for cake decoration
Artificial Open Roses

Artificial open roses are an excellent choice for decorating cakes. They look so beautiful and they blend well with most of the cake decor themes. This premium quality, reusable and washable silk rose flower is available in 14 different colours.

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You can select your favourite colour by hovering the colour variant panel given on our website. The available colours of these artificial open roses are blue, burgundy, dark lavender, light lavender, dark pink, light pink, dark yellow, light yellow, pure white, off white, pasta green, dark and light peach etc.

Open roses are about 8 to 10 cm in size, and usually 1 or 2 open roses are more than enough for a single cake.

#5 Tokyo Roses

Tokyo Roses are the best choice to get a glamorous and romantic cake -the perfect one! It can be
used alone or with other flowers to make your cake more delicious and aesthetic. A well iced white
and golden cake adorned by beautiful Tokyo roses is a treat to the eyes.

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Nothing else can elevate the beauty of your perfectly baked cake more than a bunch of Tokyo roses. They are made of premium quality fabric material (silk/nylon) and they are available in 20+ different color shades like baby pink, light green, lavender pink mix, light peach, off white, onion pink, red, burgundy, champagne gold and so on.

Try mixing our Tokyo roses with a bunch of small or medium sized Peony flowers, or a bunch of London roses, you will be amazed by the design output you get.

#6 Hydrangea (54 Petals)

Hydrangea for cake decorations
Artificial Hydrangea – 54 Petals

Pink hydrangeas symbolize heartfelt emotion. Blue hydrangeas symbolize frigidity and apology. Purple hydrangeas symbolize a desire to understand someone deeply. Tales about it goes on and on. Are you looking to give a loved one a gift to say you are grateful for their understanding? Well, Hydrangeas can be used convey your emotions through flowers. 

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Our collection of 54 petals Hydrangea – is a premium quality artificial flower that can be used for cake decor and designs. This flower is available in around 11 different color shades, and the petals are made of silk/nylon fabric material.

Hydrangeas are usually big in size, and their petals spread around like a round shape. When used for cake decorations, only 1 or 2 hydrangeas are used along with a bunch a small flowers like Tokyo roses or small sized Peony flowers.

#7 Velvet Roses

Velvet roses for cake decorations
Velvet Roses – 6 cm size

Velvet roses are the most beautiful ones among artificial flowers due to its colour and smooth texture. As the name speaks, these flowers are made of velvet material fabric and they look really premium. Velvet roses are an excellent choice for cake decorations, especially to give a premium look for your designs.

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We currently provides 11 different shades which includes white, ruby red, blue,, burgundy, light pink, magenta pink, orange peach, pink, wine red and yellow.

We have around 3 or 4 different models of artificial velvet roses. Each of them vary in fabric quality, looks and size.

Artificial Flower Bunches for cake table decoration

Professional cake decorating elevates the common, spongy dessert from ordinary to memorable. It’s an opportunity for the baker to tune directly into the desires and expectations of a client. A decorated cake is a painting that may thrill both the eyes and the taste buds. Cake decor is as important as it’s taste. The design and presentation is what captures people’s attention before they taste the cake.

The same way a cake is decorated, the cake cutting table should also be decorated for a beautiful presentation. Artificial flower bunches and leaves are excellent to create amazing table decorations. We are featuring handpicked collection of artificial flower bunches and leaves below.

#1 Artificial 5-Fork Rose Flower Bunch

Rose bunch for cake table decoration
5 fork rose bunch

The 5 fork rose bunch is one of the best options to add beauty to your creativity. This rose bunch is available in 5 different color shades, and these shades include Peach, Off white, Light pink, Lavender and so on. Each bunch has 5 different rose flowers with leaves arranged together in a stem.

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All the shades available displays a soft tone to your cake and it is indeed a good fit for wedding cakes as well. The 5 fork rose bunches have a specialty, the flowers in a single bunch have 2 matching colors mixed together brilliantly. This bunch is really good for dessert table decorations and family table arrangements. 


  1. Artificial Hybrid Rose Flower Bunch

These elegant bunch of hybrid roses are the perfect roses to decorate your cake for the perfect visual appeal. At present the trend of using artificial flowers as cake décor is gaining popularity and people are loving . If you are looking for a range  nude colours that can blend well with any colour theme, this is the best opiton for you . group of small exotic roses along with its leaves attached are perfect to adorn any celebration  cakes .Now is the best time to get your bunch of flowers


  1. Artificial Hydrangea Bunch

We provide 8 different shades of bunches that can perfectly blend with any cake you make . If you are planning to decorate your cake with diffferent types of flowers , then hydrangeas can be added too . The hydrangea represents gratitude, grace and beauty. It also radiates abundance because of the lavish number of flowers and the generous round shape. Its colours symbolise love, harmony and peace. Including Hydrangeas in your cake décor will elevate the visual appeal of your cake. You can arrange hydrangeas of different colours together or can use it with other flowers.The hydrangeas that we provide is 44cm tall and 26cm wide and is of premium quality.


  1. Artificial Peony Flower Bunch – Small Flower Heads

More than simply looking fabulous and standing the test of time, though, the peony is also full of meaning. Generally symbolic of love, honor, happiness wealth, romance, and beauty, the peony is traditionally given on special occasions as an expression of goodwill, best wishes, and joy. In floriography, the language of flowers, peonies represent all the good stuff: good fortune, happy marriage, riches, honour, and compassion and surprisingly, bashfulness. You should check out this particular bunch here to not miss out the beauty of them. They are avilable in Blue, Lavender, Peach and Wtermelon pink shades. These blend well with almost anything and is one of the top rated décor of ours.


  1. Artificial Velvet 7 Rose Bunch

The most realistic fake flower for cake decoration is bunch of this  velvet rose. It’s texture and color are really eyecathcing . Who wouldn’t love a cake adorned perfectely with red velvet roses ? Anyone  would want to preserve the bunch of roses gifted to them by their loved ones forever without withering. Don’t worry they arent available in mere shade but seven different shades. Check out the collection of Artificial velvet roses and their prices at our website.


Artificial Leaves for cake table decoration


 Flower decors it would look odd and incomplete without leaves.We also provide few foliages to give  your decoration plan ultimate  perfection.


  1. Artificial Eucalyptus(Silver Dollar) Leaf Bunch

These are the Premium quality artificial leaf bunch and naatural looking leaf petals . It Can be used for home decor, table centerpiece, wedding decor, cake decoration, bridal boquets, gift hamper decoration, indoor decoration and other creative decor activities.  It has  6 stumps in one bunch – 8 leaves in one stump – and total 128 leaves in one bunch

Place the 2 bunches together in a flower pot or glass tumbler along with some beautiful flowers , and place it on a table center, or your bedroom corner or your living room and let your guests appreciate your artistic sense. Ckeck out our website for more details.


  1. Artificial Eucalyptus Creeper Leaf

This artificial creeper is an excellent premium quality hanging eucalyptus leaves which can be used to decorate homes, wedding venues, party functions, and so on. They are used to decorate family table centers, high tables, dining tables, office rooms, wall hangings, window panes, home wall decorations, wedding decorations, party decorations, birthday party table decorations, backdrop decorations and so on. This artificial vine hanging silver dollar leaves is about 1.8 meter long (180 cm/5.9 feet.This can be used as an alternative for artificial flower vines, artificial hanging flowers, wall hanging artificial flowers and such decor items. This hanging decor with full leaves will give a unique and premium touch to the venue/interiors.

  1. Artificial Willow Creeper

Artificial Hanging Willow Leaves Vines Twigs Fake Silk Willow Plant Leaves Garland String in Green for Indoor/Outdoor Décor. This foliage would be the best option if you are planning an elaborated cake décor . They are the perfect candidates for making basolutely stunning floral wreathes that are cuurently trending. Get artificial willow creeper here.


  1. Artificial Willow Leaf Bunch

It’s lance shaped long leaves make for naturally beautiful  bouquets and centerpieces. They are vailable in five different colours. A sligh touch of greenary will add originality , freshness and elegance to your cake decors. You can check it out in our website


It’s the details make or break a cake. If you want to create flowers, for example, you aim to  make all the petals, leaves and buds look like nature intended. Subtle color gradients and textures bring to life what was once plain, pliable fondant.


               Happy flowers on cake decorating, friends!


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