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Artificial Leaves for Decoration

Whether real or fake, greenery can add beauty to any space making your living room, kitchen, or office look lively and stunning. In addition, when you decorate your house with greenery, you can create an impression to welcome your guests warmly. You would undoubtedly be pretty eager to decorate your home with leaves and real flowers but managing real flowers is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, you don’t need to fret, as artificial plants are here to make your home look better than ever before.

1)  Artificial Eucalyptus(Silver Dollar) Leaf Bunch

The set of artificial Eucalyptus(Silver Dollar) Leaf Bunch is made from the best quality material, and they look pretty natural like real-life bunches. Leaf petals are generally made from silk, and the stump is iron-made. You can use the beautiful bunches for home décor, table centerpiece indoor decoration, or any other form of décor you like.

The silver dollar leaf bunch can also be used for wedding decoration, gift hamper decoration, bridal bookies, cake decoration, or other creative décor tasks. By adding artificial flowers, you can enjoy the greenery around your space. The best part about artificial flowers is that they look natural and can rearrange easily. You can bend and cut them the way you want to create a personal bouquet.

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2) Artificial Eucalyptus Bunch – 49 CM

The Artificial Eucalyptus Bunch – Eucalyptus evergreen gumtree is famous for its tall branches and fantastic fragrance. This 49 CM artificial leaf bunch is made from premium quality material, and they look pretty natural, just like real leaf branches. Leaf petals are made from silk, while the stump is made from Iron. You can use the artificial leaf bunches for home décor, table centerpieces, indoor decoration, and other décor forms.

The eucalyptus bunch can help you add a lovely touch of nature on your big day. The greenery brings life to any space. So it would be best if you did not think twice before adding the artificial leaf bunches to your area. Our high-quality range of eucalyptus is perfect for adding a finishing touch to any occasion. They will make an everlasting display at the best of all.

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3) Artificial Eucalyptus Creeper Leaf

The artificial eucalyptus creeper is 180 centimeters long, and the leaves are made from silk material, while the center is made of plastic or iron wire. The artificial creeper is a fantastic premium quality hanging eucalyptus leaves that can be used to decorate wedding venues, homes, party functions, or any other occasion.

You can use it to decorate the high tables, office rooms, dining tables, wall hangings, window panes, backdrop decorations, etc. The leaf petals are portable, easily detached, and attached to the center wire. You can twist and turn the material flexibly. The hanging silver dollar leaf is ideal for photoshoots and product photography to improve the backgrounds.

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4) Artificial Bamboo Leaf Bunch

When you buy the artificial bamboo leaf bunch, you can get your hands on the best quality pieces, which are a fantastic addition to your home décor. You can place the bunches in ceramic or plastic pots as they look pretty beautiful when placed in home décor pots. There are seven stamps in one bunch and a total of 35 leaves in one bunch.

The weight is approximately 100 grams per bunch. You can place the two bunches together in a long pot, or if you want, you can cut the leaves and arrange them in a small pot to make a perfect leaf décor in the space. Above all, the best quality bamboo leaves are here to add beauty to your house. Bamboo leaves are medium-large size leaves. These leaves are a great addition to your décor.

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5) Artificial Boston Fern Leaves

The artificial Boston fern leaves are your best bet if you want to add a touch of beauty to your home without stressing about taking care of living plants. The Boston ferns are vibrant, and the artificial ones look similar to the real ones. The leaves are made from silk, and it is ideal for weddings, festivals, home decorations, parties, floral tributes, gardens, etc.

You can use the fake leaves for handicrafts, including leaf Garland artificial palm trees, wedding centerpieces, or garden pieces. The iron wire inside the stem allows you to adjust the shape so the leaves will always be good in condition. Boston ferns are one of the best indoor plants as they are ideal for hanging baskets or on plant stands.

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6) Artificial Cassava Leaves

You can use the artificial cassava leaves for wall decoration, home decorating your indoor and outdoor spaces, including the garden, wedding living room, party office, etc.; you can use the leaves all around the year. The leaves are made from silk material, and the center is made from Iron.

You don’t need to care about the artificial flowers as much as the fresh plants, but the best part about the artificial leaves is that they provide a realistic décor for your home. The leaves are perfect for making garlands too.

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7) Artificial Cypress Leaves – 7 Stick

Cypress Bunch

If you are looking for elegant décor, then artificial Cypress leaves are your go-to option as they add glam to any space. The fake leaves are ideal for event decoration, including weddings and parties. The seven stick leaves are made from silk and can be stored easily all through the year. Cypress leaves are classy and stand apart, which gives a unique look to your interiors. You can choose Cypress leaves for decoration for any event. Cypress leaves are generally dark green. The fine needles of the leaves overlap her like appendages which look similar to braids attached to twigs.

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8) Artificial Eucalyptus Berry Bunch

The Artificial Eucalyptus Berry Bunch is made from the best quality silk, soft and durable. Even if the leaves are wrinkled during transportation, you don’t need to stress as it can be restored to a smooth state. The artificial leaves have the best degree of reality that looks like a natural plant, with beautiful visual effects.

It also has excellent flexibility to remove and install leaves easily. All the stems are made from iron wire, so you can adjust the height freely or bend it in any shape you would like. Plastic branches can also be mixed with other flowers for the perfect decoration for terrace office weddings. The leaves are here to add vibrant color to your space.

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9) Artificial Fern Leaf Bunch

The artificial leaf bunch is made from iron wire. The leaves are made from silk. The bunch is ideal for wedding decoration, parties, home décor, door frames, stairs, etc. the leaves can also be used to make Garland fake plants or fake palm trees for wedding centerpieces. You can adjust the shape after the delivery of the leaves as there is Iron inside it. The leaves look nothing less than real flowers so you should choose them without a doubt. The fern leaves are generally called Fronds, and the texture makes them a great addition to your décor.

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10) Artificial Ficus Leaves

Ficus Leaf bunch - artificial

The original ficus leaf is naturalized in Florida and Arizona, United States. The leaves are perfect for areas of home or in-office, including empty corner front entrances, extensive lobby areas, terrace gardens, etc. They are a fantastic addition to a space as they add color to your life. The leaves surely add colors to life. The leaves are made from silk. The variegated leaves add an aesthetic beauty that doesn’t look. Even if you are looking for wedding décor, then you should consider ficus leaves as they give a unique look to your space.

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11) Artificial Fig Leaf

The fig leaf is one of the most popular indoor tree leaf featuring large, heavily gone, and glossy violent-shaped leaves. The fig leaf is perfect as the focal point of any room. If you find it challenging to maintain the natural fig leaf, you can always consider artificial fig leaf. The artificial fig leaves are big bold and synthetic leaves. You can use the leaves as spiral decor for your front porch decks or entryways and walkways. The leaves are made of the best quality silk, they are easy to maintain, and the color will last forever. The permanent botanicals are breathtakingly natural.

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12) Artificial Jamaica Leaves

Artificial Jamaica leaves as they’re ideal for decorating bookshelves, cabinet tropical plants, or centerpieces. It is a great way to stimulate a table runner to decorate the dining table by sticking to the wall as wall décor. The green palm leaves are perfect as table confetti or even a venue for tropical parties, wedding party birthday party, baby shower decorations. It is excellent to match other low plants as the biscuit flowers create a tropical island atmosphere and make your guests feel like they’re in paradise with realistic leaves.

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13) Artificial Maple Leaves

Ideally, the Maple Leaf is a leaf characteristic of the Maple tree, and it is widely recognized as Canada’s national symbol. The artificial Maple leaves are perfect for all occasions, including your wedding festival house bars, party banquet stores, or other events. You can use Maple leaves in several ways, like threading them and tying them to try as Wallpaper for sticking on the wall or writing wishes on it as a decor or service as it caters for the wedding accessories for flower girls elements for all kinds of your DIY craft ideas.

You can also use the leaves for holiday decoration, it’s one of the best ways to welcome a lively Christmas. The best part about the leaves is that they are made with durable and eco-friendly silk material, which is smooth to touch and won’t crease, so you don’t need to stress exposing them to win rain or sunshine.

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14) Artificial Monstera Leaves

If you want to make a statement in your space, you should consider adding monstera leaves as they are regarded as a symbol of long life and honoring the Enders and respect. People have become too busy to take care of plants, but you don’t need to worry as artificial monstera leaves have your back. These leaves are flat and big in size.

Unlike the natural plant, you don’t need to take a lot of care. The leaves are made from high-quality silk and have iron wire inside the stems, making them easy to bend and shape. The leaves are a perfect addition to your décor spaces like wedding houses, birthday parties, etc.

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15) Artificial Palm Leaves – Long

Palm leaves are an iconic Florida plant, and they are available in various species. Generally, palm leaves are not consumed, but they are used for decorative purposes only. Even if you don’t want to take all the trouble decorating real palm leaves, you can go for artificial palm leaves that make your space look lively. You can add greenery to your house or, at any party, plays with palm leaves. These leaves are made from silk material. You can add life to any space by using artificial palm leaves.

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16) Artificial Willow Creeper

The Willow leaf is very common and is generally found throughout northern and temperate Europe. The artificial Willow creeper is made from environmentally safe silk and is harmless. The hanging creepers are ideal for any different style call location. They are used for table runners,hanging bridal bouquets, wedding stage backdrops.

The willow creeper, when used in groups can give you a real greenery or mini forest kind of attire. The best part is that these creepers are easy to bend for hanging and takedown and this makes this artificial leaf an easy to use décor item. There is no maintenance cost when adding the artificial Willow creeper to your space.

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17) Artificial Willow Leaf Bunch

Willows are also known as shallows, and they are narrow-leaf shrub species. The leaves are elongated typically, but they might be round or Oval. Willows look lovely when added to any space. The Willow leaves are made from fine silk, which keeps them fresh and durable. Our artificial willow leaf bunches are available in 6 beautiful colours (Green, Cyan Green,Brown,White,Cream and Gold).

This artificial leaf bunch is perfect for indoor and outdoor decorations for wedding arcs, table runners, wedding backgrounds, chairs, hallways, fireplaces, balconies, windows, garden swings, stair railings, benches, fences walls, ladders, table center piece, bridal bouquet etc.

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