4 Types of Artificial Roots for Wedding and Home Decorations

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Artificial roots are an interesting piece of decor product (just like artificial flowers and leaves) to create awesome decor stuff for weddings. They can also be used to create unique home decor pieces. For weddings, artificial roots are mainly used to create the backdrop centerpiece (just behind the bride & groom station) with roots, flowers and leaves.

Wedding Decoration with Backdrop
Backdrop with Artificial Roots and Flowers

The photograph above is that of a classic backdrop ring created using artificial roots, flowers and leaves! So if you were wondering what kind of decor piece you create using an “artificial root”, I hope you are now answered.

Artificial roots are available as ready to use products, and they come in different size, shape and appearance. Based on their character, we call them Thin, Thick, Long type and so on. At Bluerose, we currently sell 4 types of Artificial Root models and let me introduce each one of them for you.

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