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Artificial Cherry Blossom Flower Bunch- 7 Stick


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The artificial Cherry Blossom Flower Bunch is great for indoor home display and fits in with different spaces within the house such as the living room, kitchen, porch, bathroom, and hallways. Aside from being a good display, it could also be used for flower arrangements in several lifetime occasions and important celebrations such as birthday parties, weddings, themed parties, and baby showers.

Made up of high-quality silk and cloth, it offers a beautiful yet elegant touch to any flower arrangement. Each petal is soft and natural looking. The bunch is full, and the flowers are consistent through and through. Artificial Cherry Blossom Flower Bunch can be purchased in three colors: pink, red, and white.

Generally, cherry blossoms have a gradation between white and red. This range includes the most famous and original color of all—pink. The color of the bloom may vary depending upon the duration of the bloom, changing constantly throughout the period. Cherry blossom symbolizes life and death, beauty and violence in Japanese culture and remained to be one of the most important images in Japanese motif of nature. In popular culture, cherry blossom is usually used to produce an image related to Japan—making it timeless to anyone who appreciates the beauty and elegance of such a flower.

With Bluerose’s artificial cherry blossom flower bunch, you don’t have to go to Japan just to see the timely and periodic blooming. You can easily have it for yourself and use it on a daily basis depending on how you want to use it!

There are a number of reasons why should you purchase artificial cherry blossom flower bunch. Here are some:

1. You don’t have to wait for the blooming season!

Opting for artificial flowers means that you don’t have to wait for their blooming season. Usually, cherry blossom flowers bloom between March and April and only last for two weeks. This is a very short period to enjoy the bloom of once in a lifetime experience! But with the artificial cherry blossom flower bunch of Bluerose, you don’t need to wait for the season to enjoy it! You can easily put it in your preferred arrangement any month of the year.

2. Long Duration

Buying artificial flowers made up of the best quality products are expected to last for a long time. Unlike real flowers that wither after a few days or few weeks, artificial flowers don’t! You don’t need to worry about losing its bloom. It is important to maintain it properly to avoid dust. Take note that the flowers of artificial cherry blossom flower bunch are dust-resistant, making it easier to clean. You just have to wipe off the dust from the petals and there you go!

3. Hypoallergenic

This one is for those who developed allergies from pollens released by flowers. Artificial flowers do not pollinate (since they are made of artificial products!). You don’t have to worry about sneezing when hanging around the arrangements. Having one in your household won’t threaten anybody and at the same time, ensure that you have a stylistic touch that never goes out of trend!

4. Durable

Artificial flowers such as the Bluerose’ artificial cherry blossom flower bunch is known for its durability. For these types of home décor, it is alright to expect more from them on the durability side. Artificial flowers can be re-used multiple times, for different occasions, in different settings. These will depend largely on how the owner wanted to use them. Also, take note that since these flowers are made up of high-quality artificial products, the color won’t easily fade away.

5. Low maintenance

Putting artificial flowers to your arrangements won’t need any close attention. Unlike real flowers, artificial flowers don’t require watering, proper ventilation, and sunlight in order to be beautiful. Just combine it with the right set, appropriate for the theme, and right for the occasion and everything will be just good as you wanted it to be!


6. Economical

Finally, buying artificial flowers will help you save money for home decors and flower arrangements because you just have to do it once! You don’t have to replace it on a regular basis because they will last for life with proper care and maintenance. You just have to select the best choices for your preference! And also, it’ll always look fresh!

Bluerose ensure that customers are supplied with the finest and realistic artificial flowers available. We invest properly to source and obtain the best products that will satisfy and provide for your décor and arrangement needs in every life occasion and house decoration.

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Color Variants

Pink, Red, White


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