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Artificial Willow Leaf Bunch


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Product Description and Detail: This artificial willow leaf bunch is made from the best quality soft silk fabric. The fabric is soft and smooth, with a mildly shiny surface. The stems are crafted from malleable plastic, giving them a beautiful and life-like touch. The fact that these stems are so soft and flexible allows you to bend them and adjust their position to create foliage that is aesthetically pleasing.

Each willow bunch is about 51 cm long and has 5 individual stems. There are a total of 125 leaves on each bunch. The leafy part of the bunch is 31 cm tall and the total length including the stem is 51 cm. Each leaf is about 6.5 cm in length.

The unique bunch is available in six vibrant colors:

  • Chocolate Brown – rich, heartwarming, and nurturing tones
  • Cyan Green – calm and serene aura
  • Cream – symbolizing openness and humility
  • Gold – tones of royalty, success, and affluence
  • Dark Green – soothing and calming spectrum
  • White – a manifestation of cleanliness, purity, and simplicity

Uses: The artificial willow leaf bunch is the perfect choice to add warmth and ambiance to any space. You can order them in bulk and use the different color combinations to create a beautiful background for any function, especially for weddings and birthdays.

This willow bunch can also be used as a bridal bouquet or can be carried by the bridesmaids. The variety of colors available makes it easy to use them for any décor as they will complement a wide spectrum of colors.

Our beautiful artificial willow leaves can be separated from the bunch and strung together to create an elegant vine. Willow vines are used in wedding decorations, especially for embellishing the stage or bridal area. For a more unique design, vines made from different colored willow bunches can be used together.

The green willow leaf bunch is ideal for outdoor use. These are completely natural looking and can be used as a faux plant in any planter with soil. It can also provide an effective green element in a floral arrangement with both real and fake flowers.

Adorning a patio wall with these artificial willow leaf bunches is a unique alternative to the natural vines that are usually used for these areas.

Put this gorgeous bunch in a plain vase and it will brighten up any living room, office, or bedroom.

Storage and Maintenance: These elegant leaves are extremely affordable because of our competitive pricing on bulk orders. You can order a large quantity and store them in any dry and cool place for future use.

This artificial willow leaf bunch is sturdy and durable in comparison to natural willow leaves. The quality material used for their manufacturing ensures that the colors do not fade and the bunch can be used a number of times if treated properly. This means saving them from harsh chemicals, prolonged exposure to severe weather (rain or strong sunlight), and storing them in humid areas.

The silk fabric that we use for our faux leaves is dyed with the best quality chemicals and the latest processes are employed to achieve the final color. This ensures that the colors do not fade away quickly. If too much dust is accumulated on the leaves, they can be washed by hand using mild soap and air-dried before storing them in proper containers. At all costs, avoid leaving them in harsh sunlight for long periods of time. This exposure can cause damage to the product and fade its color.

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Additional information

Willow Colors

Brown, Dark Cyan, Gold, Green, White

2 reviews for Artificial Willow Leaf Bunch

  1. sunisudhi (verified owner)

    Just ordered few artificial plants and flowers from Bluerose.in. So happy with the quality and bonus points for super quick delivery to Bangalore. They have an efficient customer service team handling Whatsapp to answer all your queries. Thank you, Manu. You were very helpful. My only suggestion is to work on the shipping price. It can definitely come down! Can’t wait to shop more! Continue the good work guys 👍

  2. komalchris (verified owner)

    I just recieved my order from Bluerose, absolutely delighted with the willow leaves, roses and hydrangeas. It is definitely a good deal at this price point, also kudos to their marketing team for assisting me throughout the order process and making it effortless. Keep up the good work 👍

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