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Tulip Flower Premium


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Our elegant tulip artificial flowers have been crafted with the finest silk fabric, which is soft to the touch and look as realistic as possible. The long slender stems are made from high-quality rubber with easy-to-bend branches so that they can be arranged at any angle you want. You can also cut them to a shorter length to fit the requirement of the floral arrangement. Each stem has 2 perfectly shaped leaves, making these great for use as a single flower in a small jar as a wedding decoration centerpiece.  The flowers and the leaves are delicately textured, giving them a more natural appeal.

Colors: These tulips add color and variety to any wedding décor as they are available in 7 vivid colors: Carnation Pink, Pinkish White, Red, Reddish White, Violet, White, and Yellow.

  • These artificial flower bouquets are ideal for wedding décor since tulips are considered a symbol of spring, new beginnings, love, and perfection. Tulips never go out of style which is why they are used by wedding planners and party organizers throughout the year. Artificial tulips are a good choice for this purpose and can be bought in bulk because of their long life and durability.
  • These vibrant artificial silk tulips are ideal for use as a backdrop for the wedding platform and the variety of colors we offer can fit into any color theme.
  • Bunches of artificial tulips tied together with a rustic thread make for great centerpieces and the overall wedding décor. Tall-towered centerpieces can also be made using a single long-stemmed tulip in a clear crystal vase.
  • Usually, brides have to contend with the seasonal flowers that are available during the season but with these artificial silk flowers, you can have tulips at any wedding at any time of the year.
  • Wedding décor means you need to buy flowers in bulk in advance and then face losses as well because a lot of the flowers have lost their freshness by the time they get to the venue for the decoration. Fresh flowers also have the problem of bringing allergens with them which might cause issues for wedding guests or sometimes even for the bride or bridegroom. As an excellent alternative, you can buy our faux silk tulips in huge quantities without having to worry about wastage and decay. Another benefit is that you can reuse the same flowers for multiple functions as part of different floral arrangements for a long time.
  • Fake flowers are easy to manage, clean, and store. After the function, carefully disengage the tulip stems and clean them with a wipe or a wet cloth. You can also clean them by blowing cool air on them using a small hairdryer. Storing them in cardboard boxes in a dry, cool place and when you need them for the next wedding decoration, just pull them out of the box and fashion them according to your décor ideas.
  • These tulips make a great addition to any multi-floral wedding décor arrangement. Many brides prefer going for a combination of 2 or 3 different kinds of flowers for their wedding and these tulips complement a variety of others like roses, lilies, hydrangea, and gypsophila.
  • Suspended floral arrangements look great if you use a variety of colors of tulips because of their long stems and delicate appearance. You can magnify the ambiance of any décor by creating a canopy using a mix of these artificial tulip flowers and baby’s breath.
  • These elegant artificial tulips are the ideal choice to brighten up any room in your house or an office setting. A combination of different colors will give your interior just the aura and vibrance it lacks.

Packaging and Delivery: We offer bulk buying and shipping to our customers from all the states in India. The product is packed with care and diligence to avoid any damage en route. Please keep in mind that our minimum order is ₹1,000.00 so place your orders accordingly.  Our delivery system is quick and efficient so you can rest assured that your bulk artificial flower delivery will reach you on time.

Customer satisfaction: Our artificial flowers are of the best quality, made from fine fabric and premium rubber to ensure durability and excellence. We take great pride in our customer satisfaction rating of 99%.

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Color Variants

Carnation Pink, Pinkish White, Red, Reddish White, Violet, White, Yellow


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