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Artificial Flowers Wholesale

Artificial flowers have exploded in demand when it comes to 2022. When it comes to decorations(especially wedding decor), we have seen a drastic shift from fresh flowers to artificial flowers. Artificial Leaves and flowers are used in large scale when it comes to decoration. In India, more and more fresh flower decoration vendors are shifting to artificial flora. This leads to the next big question?

Where can I buy Artificial Flowers in Wholesale ?

 We’ve been in the industry for 22 Years. We started selling artificial flower products(back in 2000) when artificial flora was not even much heard between we Indians. At bluerose, we are on a mission in selling high-quality artificial products at the best price(wholesale price) all over India.

Why should I prefer buying Artificial Flowers?

Lets have a look at some of the biggest advantages of using artificial flowers for your decorations

  1. Reusable and Long Lasting – You can reuse our artificial flowers for many events. They are made of high-quality durable silk cloth material and will be lasting for a long time.
  2. Allergy-Free and eco-friendly – As you already know, fresh flowers come up with poisonous pesticides and insecticides. Our artificial flowers are made of high-quality silk cloth material and you don’t need to worry about pollen and other harmful substances that exist in fresh flowers(in the Indian market).
  3. Cheap – Our artificial flowers are comparably cheaper in price when compared to fresh flowers
  4. No Maintenance – You literally need to spend zero rupees in maintaining the artificial flowers.
  5. Available all round the year – You don’t need to worry about seasons, our artificial flowers are available 365x24x7.
  6. Colors – You don’t need to worry about colors, choose your favorite artificial flower in a wide variety of color choices

1. Artificial Peony Flower

cake decor flowers
Peony flowers for cake decoration

When it comes to 2021, we can tell will zero hesitations that artificial peony flowers were the most trending artificial flower in the world. Our artificial peonies come in 22 color shades(pastel and dark shades). Some of the most loved colors are Baby Pink, Light Pink, Turkish Blue, Dark Peach, Light Peach. Mint Green etc

2. Artificial Premium Rose Flower

We have wide varieties of artificial rose flowers. We have London Roses, Paris Roses, Tokyo Roses and much more trending collection of artificial rose flowers.

3. Artificial Hydrangea Flower

Hydrangea for cake decorations
Artificial Hydrangea – 54 Petals

Our artificial hydrangea flowers ranges from best quality 54 petal hydrangeas to normal quality budget type hydrangea flowers. Our artificial hydrangea flowers are available in pastel colors and dark trending colors.

4. Artificial Dahlia Flowers

Artificial Dahlia flowers are one of the biggest trends in the artificial flower industry. In 2022, wedding decorators are looking for varieties and artificial dahlia will be one of your best bet.

6. Artificial Soft Scented Rose Flowers

Scented roses are trending rose flowers used for gift hampers and bridal bouquets. Unlike the other artificial flowers, these flowers are made of soap material(which is soluble in water). The mesmerizing scent and the original looking material makes this rose flower ,one of the most loved and needed artificial flower.

7. Artificial Velvet Rose

The velvet roses available in 12 colors is the another trending artificial flower of 2021. The velvet cloth material gives this flower a classic natural look which adds elegance to your decorations. Best for wedding decorations and other floral arrangements

1. Artificial Big Peony Bunches

Without any doubt we can say that peony is the most loved flower of 2021. The artificial peony bunch comes up with 10 flowers(6 big peony heads, 2 peony buds and 2 hydrangeas)

2. Artificial 6 Rose Bunches

This high-quality artificial velvet rose bunch contains 6 velvet roses and leaves. Looks very much original and is of good quality material

3. Artificial Gladiolus Bunch

Gladiolus artificial flower bunch is a good-looking and pocket-friendly flower bunch. This is thick and dense flower bunch coming with 12 flower heads.

4. Tulip Flower Bunch

Tulip is one of the most stylish flower for home decor or any kind of party/wedding decor. It comes in long sticks. There will be 3 flowers in one tulip flower stick.

5. Artificial Small Peony Bunches

This is a budget-friendly artificial flower bunch consisting of small peony heads(peony buds).

Hanging artificial flowers are widely used in India for any kind of decor, let it be home decor, wedding decor or party decor. In bluerose, you can find wide varieties of artificial flower creepers in wholesale pricing. Let us have a quick look at the best hanging artificial flowers of 2021

1. Artificial Hanging Orchids

Our hanging orchids come in 3 sizes, 90 cm, 60 cm, and 30 cm. It looks very real that people cant realize it is fake even from a close-range vision.

2. Artificial Hanging Wisteria Flowers

Budget-friendly wisteria flower is a modern and stylish hanging decor piece. It is not as thick as hanging orchid flowers, but with more quantities, it looks rich and dense.

3. Artificial Hanging Bouginevilla Flowers

If you are looking for something tidy, different, and fresh, then our artificial bougainvillea will be a good choice. It comes in different shades from which you can select the one that fits your decor purpose.

4. Artificial Hanging Rose Flowers

Roses are everyone’s all-time favorite flowers. These artificial hanging roses can add beauty to your wall, backdrop, etc.

5. Artificial Hanging Root Flower with Roses

Artificial roots are widely used for home and wedding decor. This artificial rose flower with root is a variety of decor pieces. Your guests will be astonished by its concept and freshness. The roots are 100 % flexible and it comes with 10 big rose flowers and leaves.

We are committed to sell good quality products at wholesale rates all over India. In Bluerose, our vision is to take the conventional decor wholesale market online so that all the customers in India can benefit our wholesale pricing and quality products. We do ship all over India safely through various courier partners.

We’ve already mentioned about some of our artificial flower collection. Now let us have a quick look in why you should purchase from us. Here are some of our unique specialties.

All India Shipping

Shipping to all states in India

Continous Innovation

We always update our product stack with new items

Washable and Reusable Flowers

Our Artificial flowers are of cloth material

Safe Delivery

We ensure our products are delivered safely in the hands of the customer