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Wholesale store for Artificial Flowers. We have the best collection of premium artificial flowers and bunches. Our collection of artificial flowers include
peonies,hydrangeas,roses,chrysanthemums,dahlia,marigold,orchids etc.

Artifiical Flowers, Leaves and Wedding Decor Props

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Latest Products

Introducing our latest collection of artificial flowers and leaves! From vibrant blooms to lush foliage, each product captures intricate details and vibrant colors. 

Artificial Bunchesfrom ₹ 75 Shop Now
Artificial Leavesfrom ₹ 70Shop Now
Artificial Flowersfrom ₹ 10 Shop Now
Artificial Hangingsfrom ₹ 125 Shop Now
Lanternsfrom ₹100 Shop Now
Artificial Creepersfrom ₹225 Shop Now
Table Chandeliersfrom ₹ 2650 Shop Now
LED Candlesfrom ₹ 12Shop Now
Candle Standsfrom ₹350 Shop Now
Artificial Rootsfrom ₹ 225Shop Now
Cake Standsfrom ₹600Shop Now

Budget Friendly Products

Explore our budget-friendly collection for your  wedding and floral decorations. Discover exquisite artificial flowers, leaves, and decor properties that will enhance your special day. Create stunning arrangements, bouquets, and centerpieces without compromising on style. Turn your vision into reality without breaking your budget.

Our Latest Artificial Leaves

Our premium quality artificial leaves are used all over India for various kind of decorations. Let it be wedding decor, bouquet or any other decor, our artificial leaves priced at wholesale rates will be a great choice.

Artificial Flower Bunches

Browse from our large collection of artificial flower bunches. We have Rose, Hydrangea, Gypsophilia, Tulips, Blossom and many other varieties of artificial flower bunches.

Our Latest Artificial Flowers

Checkout our latest collection of artificial flowers at wholesale pricing. These are the recently added flowers to our collection.

Why Shop from Bluerose?

We are importers, manufacturers and bulk suppliers of decoration products. If you are looking for top class products at reasonable pricing, then we will be your right choice.

High Quality Products

We love decor and believe in disruption of the decor industry continuosly. Because of this we ensure we supply high quality products. We ensure we launch new products into the market every month.

Outstanding support

Do you have any queries? Feel free to contact us any time , you can contact us in WhatsApp (8075327958) for a better response.

Wholesale Pricing is a wholesale website. Our primary customers are other business owners who do event management, floral designers, interior designers, resellers, other shops and business owners who can buy in bulk from us. We’ve put wholesale pricing for all the products in this website(also there is minimum order value of 1000 Rs). 

45% Less Price on Average

We provide the best place of artificial flowers and leaves in India. Our whole mission is to take the offline wholesale market to online in the best pricing possible. On average our products are 40-50% less priced when compared to other  sellers.

 By offering such a significant price advantage, we aim to make our products accessible to a broader audience while delivering unrivaled value and a delightful shopping experience.You can easily validate our claim by conducting a quick price comparison between our products and those available on Amazon or other online sellers.

When you make a purchase worth ₹10,000 with us, you can expect to save approximately ₹6,000 compared to other retailers.


About Us

Bluerose, the leading Wholesale Artificial Flower Store in India since 2000, offers an extensive selection of over 1000 varieties of artificial flowers and numerous artificial leaves. As bulk sellers of wedding decoration goods, we proudly ship throughout India. Our captivating collection extends beyond flowers and leaves to include lanterns, chandeliers, candle stands, centerpieces, cake stands, and other decorative items. 

Our mission is to provide high-quality products at wholesale prices, making them accessible across India. Over 5000 event management firms rely on us as their direct supplier, while florists, bridal bouquet makers, interior designers, and crafters also benefit from our wholesale pricing on artificial flowers and leaves. With our commitment to quality and affordability, we ensure customers have access to a wide range of options for their creative and decorative needs.

Grant Decoration using our pastel color artificial flowers
Decoration using Artificial Blossom Sticks
Open Stage using our Artificial Dahlias and Roses
Decoration with our Artificial Roses, Peonies and leaves such as Eucalyptus, Monstera and Willow
Wedding Stage Decoration using our artificial hanging orchids, chrysanthemums and other propertes
Premium wedding decor with our peonies and hydrangeas

Table Chandeliers

Who are Our Customers?

We have a wide range of customers espcially wedding decorators, florists, bridal bouquet makers, event management companies, interior designers, home decor enthusiasts etc.

All India Shipping

Shipping to all states in India

Continous Innovation

We always update our product stack with new items

Washable and Reusable Flowers

Our Artificial flowers are of cloth material

Safe Delivery

We ensure our products are delivered safely in the hands of the customer