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Artificial Monstera Leaves

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Artificial Monstera Leaves 60.00 Original price was: ₹ price is: ₹45.00.

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Our realistic artificial monstera leaves are made from stain-smooth silk. An incredible pattern of veins is created on each leaf and the holes mimic the ones that appear on real monstera leaves. Each stalk has one beautiful monstera leaf. The entire stalk is 23 cm wide and 64 cm tall. The leaf itself is 26 cm tall. The leaves are dark green with a network of light green veins spread out all over the leaf surface, creating a beautiful texture.

The stem is crafted with soft but sturdy plastic that is easy to bend and style in any way you want. The stem is strong enough to be planted in actual soil in any location to act as a background for landscape foliage. You can also easily cut the stems to make them shorter and suit any length that you want.

Color Variations:

The faux monstera leaves are available in a vivid dark green color with life-like texture created in light green. The fabric has been especially dyed to mimic the actual color of the real monstera leaf so that it looks as close to the real thing as possible.


  • Adding greenery to your wedding décor floral design is the latest trend these days. The artificial monstera leaves are perfect for use in such settings as they symbolize new beginnings and fresh spring. The green leaves offer great contrast with white and metallic themes.
  • A single monstera leaf brings attention to the entire centerpiece used for weeing tables. The striking, oversized leaf gives the perfect background for a colorful and elegant floral arrangement.
  • The unique shape of the monstera leaf is intriguing enough to make the floral arrangement stand out and create an aura of exotic charm. The artificial monstera leaves wrapped around the posts in wedding decoration are perfect for a greenery-based floral arrangement.
  • The best thing about the artificial monstera leaves is that when used in a wedding floral arrangement, there is no need to put them in a hydration bed. These leaves will stay fresh from the beginning of the function to the very end.
  • White tulips, golden twigs, and the single monstera leaf make the ultimate centerpiece for any wedding reception decoration. The white, green, and gold make the perfect royal combination.
  • By removing the stems, you can use these green monstera leaves can be used as super chic placement mats for your beautiful wedding décor. Since they are made from silk fabric, they can easily be pasted on to any space.
  • An ideal way to create a green background for your wedding décor is to completely fill the wall with these artificial monstera leaves. The addition of white cala lilies and some string lights will create the magical effect that everyone wished for their wedding day.


Maintenance and care:

Our artificial monstera leaves are made from delicate silk fabric so please treat them with care. If dirt is accumulated, please use a wet cloth and wipe it gently. Do not leave in rain or sun for a long time as harsh weather conditions can cause deterioration in the quality of the item and the colors will fade.

While removing the leaves from the wedding décor setup, please make sure that you do not tug on the stems. Put them in a cardboard box and store them in a cool, dry place. With proper care and maintenance, you can reuse these artificial monstera leaves for a long time.


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