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Artificial Maple Leaves

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Description: These artificial green maple leaves are made from the best quality soft and smooth silk cloth. They have been cut with high precision using the latest technology to emulate the perfect maple leaf shape. The stems are crafted from soft and durable plastic and fused onto the leaves using tried and tested techniques to achieve durability, strength, and to avoid leaf breakage. Our premium quality products are designed to create a truly realistic effect, which is why all the leaves are of different sizes. The main stem spreads into smaller branches, each ending with a single, delicate maple leaf. Each leaf has several with lifelike veins on it. Each set contains 15 to 16 leaves so please place your order according to the décor requirements. With such attention to detail, it is impossible to distinguish between these artificial leaves and the real thing.

Usage: The vibrant green color and soft fabric make these the perfect choice for a variety of décor options, especially weddings, bridal showers, and other parties. These artificial green maple leaves create the aura of spring and new life, ideal for a festive setting.

  • The leaves provide a great backdrop for floral decorations and offer great contrast for any other flower used in wedding décors such as roses, lilies, gypsophila, tulips, and marigolds.
  • The leaves can be used to create a canopy over the wedding stage and wrapped around poles or spread across any other element in the setup that needs to be covered up nicely.
  • Since all the leaves have separate stems, they can be easily weaved into bridal garlands for a fresh appearance.
  • Our artificial green maple leaves can also be used in colored planters for placement at wedding hall entrances. They can also liven up your patio, verandah, porch, and backyard. The bright color of these leaves makes them ideal for use with other flowers.
  • The individual leaves with their thin branches can be cut off and strung together to create a long, hanging garland for decorating the walls and enhancing the beauty of the wedding backdrop.
  • The green color is a great mood booster and ideal for making a pleasant environment in homes, at parties, or in the office. These maple leaves have a variety of applications for all these settings.
  • The artificial green maple leaves can even be used outdoors in the garden to fill out the gaps in your landscaping.

Care and Maintenance: Artificial leaves and flowers are the perfect choices for event planners and decorators because of their durability and the fact that they do not wither or fade away. The leaves are made from high-grade material so they are sturdy and will last a long time.

  • They can be easily cleaned using a soft cloth or by blowing cool air from a hair dryer.
  • If the leaves have accumulated a lot of dust, simply rise them by dipping them in lukewarm soapy water for 5 minutes and then hang them out to dry. Make sure that you do not use any harsh chemicals or bleach.
  •  Avoid direct sunlight when drying them out. Direct sunlight can be harsh and cause the colors to fade away.
  • As long as you pack them away carefully after use, they will last a long time and can be used for multiple functions and occasions. It is best to use packing peanuts to avoid tangling which can lead to tugging and breakage when being unpacked for reuse. Always store them in a dry place.

Shipping: You can bulk order our artificial green maple leaves from any part of India and we will deliver your product in perfect condition, packed in high-quality boxes. The leaves might need a little readjustment and priming after you take them out of the box to create the effect shown in the pictures. We adhere to our delivery dates and ensure that you get your order within the time conveyed to you when placing your order.




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