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5 Ways to Plan a Destination Wedding in Kerala

Finding the perfect wedding venue that sets the right tone and fits all of your guests is a dream come true. You need your venue to be the perfect spot for creating the most treasurable and lovely memories. As cameras will be flashing throughout the entire ceremony, your venue is what will really make the pictures mesmerizing. When you are staring at pictures years down the road, you will want to see flowers filling up the room and for outdoor weddings, a scenery that could drop anyone to their knees. The god’s own country, Kerala, is a beautiful mini version of India, which offers the most exotic backdrops for your Big day! Just like a variety in backdrops, Kerala is also home to a variety of cultures and religions which is more evident in their weddings.  

Destination weddings in Kerala

Kerala wedding ceremonies occur across the four prominent communities. Though the customs differ according to denominations, In Kerala, a Christian wedding is known for its simplicity. Pre Wedding ceremonies include orappeeru and manasammadham or engagement . Before the bride and groom proceed to the church for their wedding, they have a prayer session, followed by taking the blessings of the elders of their families. Most of the Christian weddings take place in a church while a few others are officiated in various other indoor and outdoor venues.  

Most traditional Kerala Hindu weddings take place in a temple, amid friends and family. Each cast in Hindu community have their own customs and traditions and marks an integral part of Kerala wedding ceremonies. In general, It includes prewedding ceremonies like Nishchayam, Mehedni, followed by wedding ceremonies taalikettu , sadhya and grihapravesh. 

Though the essence of Muslim Kerala wedding ceremonies is the core Islamic Nikaah, it does take some cultural undertones specific to the region. Pre- wedding ceremonies include valayidal, naal nishchayam, and mayilanjiraavu. Wedding rituals include nikaah followed by ruksat. The majority of Kerala Muslim weddings take place in houses, conference halls, hotels or restraunts. 

Indoor Venues

Let’s go through the main indoor setups!

Church\ Temple wedding 

Couples opting for a religious ceremony may prefer to host their ceremony in a house of worship. These sacred spaces are ideal for traditional weddings. Usually houses of worship are available for ceremonies only, but some may offer event space for receptions as well. Most Christian and Hindu weddings in Kerala are officiated in either Church or Temple. Finding a church or temple is not difficult as it is found almost everywhere in Kerala.

Restaurant Wedding / Hotel Wedding 

If you and your future spouse are foodies, a restaurant can be a great location for a wedding. Of  course, the food is going to be top-notch, and restaurants are already well-appointed with tables, chairs, and decor. These venues are typically more intimate and therefore best for smaller guest counts. Hotels make great wedding venues for couples hosting lots of out-of-town guests. You and your guests can stay on site and no one has to worry about transportation—talk about convenience! Bigger hotels can have a variety of different ballrooms and  event spaces to choose from, so there will be lots of options for your big day, as well as your rehearsal dinner and other events.  

Wedding in Convention Halls

These venues are often one-stop-shops for your wedding, and may offer catering and other services in house. Banquet halls are usually on the larger size, and work well for weddings with bigger guest counts. The Convention Center is best for hosting both pre wedding functions such as pooja or a ritual and exchanging garlands or rings. They are spacious and affordable wedding venue with contemporary interiors.  

Outdoor Venues

Are you bored of the conventional wedding setups? Why don’t you go outdoors!

Park/ Garden wedding

Many couples dream of getting married outdoors, and for good reason. A naturally beautiful venue, like a park or a garden, isn’t just nice to look at; it also doesn’t require too much additional decor, which can be great for your budget. Nothing beats a natural setting and plenty of sunshine. Just beware— you’ll want to make sure you have an indoor venue lined up in case of unpredicted weather. You’ll most likely need a permit, which is usually issued by your local parks department. It will state if you are allowed to bring in chairs and  toilets, play music, and have guests throw birdseed. 

Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are alluring for more reasons than one, in a romantic oceanfront setting while the  wind and waves sing their praises over your union, is one of those. Breathtaking backdrops, the sound of the ocean, the expanse of the horizon, the cool breeze – it’s no wonder beaches are high on the list of destination wedding wishlists. They are far from the typical traditional wedding, which is often hosted within a church, or another elaborate indoor setting. That is not to say there aren’t other outdoor wedding types that aren’t appealing, like the garden wedding for example, but beach weddings are definitely in a category of their own. Kerala holds a  place in the list of best beach destination wedding venues in India. Alappuzha, Varkala, Kovalam etc  are some of the the highly demanded beach wedding venues in Kerala.

Resort Wedding

Kerala is the perfect place for your dream wedding , to fall in love again with your partner as you proclaim your love for each other in the lap of nature along with delicious food, exciting activities in relaxing sorts. Thanks to its tranquil beaches, beautiful backwaters, and stunning hill stations !! Your guests will have a great time as well. Some of the amazing destinations include Zuri Kumarakom, Taj Bekal, The Raviz Kovalam, Poovar Island Resort and so on.

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