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10 Intriguing Facts about Mukesh Ambanis giant house Antilia

Mukesh Ambani’s opulent abode named Antilia, after the renowned phantom island leaves beholders in awe of its magnificence. While some have opined that it is an unnecessary and rather ostentatious show of wealth, others are rendered speechless owing to its glorious and remarkably overwhelming presence.

Ratan Tata who is a former chairman of the famed Tata Group once stated that Antilia perfectly signifies a rich Indian’s lack of empathy for less privileged fellow citizens. As an advice to the owner he remarked that dwellers of this abode must be concerned about making a difference in the world around them. Since, according to him abundant wealth must be used to mitigate the agonizing hardships of millions.Trained architect, activist and award winning author Arundhati Roy deliberated and expressed that it seems as if Ambanis have attempted to deny their association with their impoverished homeland.Not all opinions are as grim as the ones above for many instantly fall in love with the nearly inconceivable opulence of this sumptuous house, which costs $ 1 billion USD.

Regardless of how one may perceive it everyone wishes to know more about the luxurious haven of India’s richest man, and the international fascination only grows. Hence, listed below are 10 facts about Mukesh Ambani’s 27 storied South Mumbai home.

Fact #1: Affluent neighborhood      

anitilia neighbourhood

This most expensive house is situated in one of the world’s most expensive addresses, which happens to be Altamount Road of Mumbai. A handful of reports concocted by the unreliable sources employed by the media claimed that this sky scraping home was to be built amidst ruins of Mumbai’s slums.

However, all rumors were put to rest when the painstaking construction of Antilia commenced. The location of this house is a perfect and constant reminder to the world that while the richest of the rich reside here, this location is also home to India’s richest business tycoon. Yes, Altamount Road is where the likes of Kumar Mangalam Birla, Naresh Goyal and several Bollywood stars reside in the lap of luxury.

Fact #2: Solitary abode   


Unlike the other rich and famous of the world who have various homes in different parts of the world Mukesh Ambani, his wife Nita and their three children possess only Antilia. The family previously lived in another home which they moved out of shortly after the construction by Australian company Leighton Holdings was completed. The family’s previous home was not solely their own as they had to share it with mother Kokilaben Ambani and brother Anil Ambani and his family.

Apart from the Ambani family around 600 staff members also reside here to tend to every need of the mansion and its proud and happy residents.


Fact #3: Luxurious dwelling  



Antilia, the dream home of an extremely rich man is fit for him in every perceivable way, which is why it features a six storey garage space that accommodates the 168 cars that the family has the joy of owning. To service this large fleet of cars a large and fully equipped service center is housed on the 7th floor. While those who wish to arrive and leave using cars can easily do so owing to these easily accessible floors, those who wish to arrive by air have also been catered to. This 49,000 sq feet sun and lotus themed home features three helipads and an air space floor that acts as the control center for helicopters.

Fact #4: Tailored interiors       



Each one of the 27 storeys of this home has been designed uniquely and neither one matches the other. Distinction has been achieved through the interiors which are crafted in crystal, mother of pearl, rare woods, marble and other extravagant materials. The architectural design responds to the needs of family members, hence private residents span four of the topmost floors. This elevated design invites plenty of natural sunlight and offers panoramic view of the Arabian Sea. The interior of Antilia is enriched with lots of beautiful shelving units which gives a rich feeling to the rooms.

Fact #5: Boundless amenities   


Antilia revolves around Mr. Ambani and his family hence it is equipped with every possible amenity, comfort and attraction that these ultra rich individuals may require.

  • 9 super fast elevators which are divided amongst visitors, family members and so on. They make navigating within this colossal structure an absolute delight.
  • A deluxe private theater which seats 50 and boasts a garden on its terrace is not the only terrace garden of the multi-storey mansion.
  • Multiple swimming pools.
  • Dance and yoga studios alongside special gyms for each family member.
  • A health spa, a large ballroom and a salon.
  • Ice room which produces snow and helps beat the scorching Mumbai heat.

Fact #6: Double its supposed height  



Each floor of this 550 feet tall paradise is double heighted, which means that while this tower may possess only 27 floors it is actually as tall as towers featuring 60 storeys.

Fact #7: Unparalleled hospitality



This ravishing residence is equipped to take exceptionally good care of the entourages of guests. While they enjoy in the various entertainment and social zones of the mansion, their assistants or body guards can wait and relax in a specially designed and constructed entourage room. Hospitality at this house is certainly surreal and incredibly pleasurable.

Fact #8: Amalgamating modernity and ethnicity  


Nita Ambani defines her family’s safe haven as an amalgamation of ultra modern home which possesses a heart that is 100% Indian. Well, looking at the aesthetics and features it would not be wrong to say that Antilia offers the best of both world to five family members who thoroughly enjoy every comfort it holds.

Fact #9: Energy efficient yet comfortable     



Energy efficiency has been emphasized throughout the house. This is precisely why it features a hanging garden that efficiently absorbs sunlight and maintains adequate cooling within the interiors. Despite the distinctive Babylon meets Blade Runner edifice that is home to this garden the very first electrical bill that the Ambani’s incurred in their new home was worth more than Rs. 70 Lakh. This comes as no surprise as the dazzling glass sheath structure needs exorbitant power to provide comfort and joy to its residents.

Fact #10: Expensive and unique dwelling  


Among 15 of the world’s priciest buildings is Antilia. The greatest aspect about this fact is that among these 15 buildings Antilia is the only private residence; most of the remaining 14 are commercial structures.

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