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Mind-blowing House Interior of 7 Ultimate Bollywood Celebrities

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1. Shahrukh Khan

Sharukh House Mannat Interior (6)

Shahrukh Khan acknowledged as the king of the Bollywood Industry, has always been in the news for his magnificent house Mannat, which is s seashore Bungalow located at Bandstand, Bandra.

He bought this house from Bai Khorshed Sanjana Trust and later named it as Mannat, this is a 6 storey building which is just behind the Galaxy Apartments.

This beautiful house is graced with amazing interior. The living area, guest room, dining area, hall and bedrooms hold their roots to the royal Maharashtra.


2. Aamir Khan

aamir khan house interior (3)

Aamir’s flat spreads at an area of 5,000sqft area, which comprises of two floors. Keeping his tag of being recognized as Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir took almost 6 months to design and plan the interior of this apartment along with the help of a professional interior designer Anuradha Parikh. Anuradha exclaims that Aamir always wanted a style with the concept of “simplicity at its best” he wanted the interior of the house to capture the beauty of nature and at the same time have a spark of modernity to it.

This is why he decided to amalgamate both Asian and European elements in his house, which better showcased by the Mangalore tiles that hold a quirky combination of European seating. This gives the flat a formal texture and an elegant look.


There are three spaces that are very important for Aamir which are the study, central living space and his gym area. Special attention and care is taken to design the study because this is the place where he spends majority of his time, reading or attending professional meetings. Beautiful dark color sofa sets contrasting with the colors of the wall is something that adds up to the ambience.

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3. Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bacchan Home interior (3)


The style icon of Bollywood has always believed that house should be treated as a temple, where you will not only find your peace of mind but at the same time find yourself lost in its beauty and divinity. This is the reason why Mr. Bachchan’s Bungalow has always been the star element of Mumbai attracting tourists all around the globe. He holds not only one but two different houses in Juhu, Mumbai which are “Pratiksha” and “Jalsa”. Along with these two houses he even has an office building named as “Janak”, which is situated in Juhu too.

Pratiksha was the age old residence of the Bachchans which is over 40 years old. However, later at the peak moment of his career Amitabh shifted to Jalsa with his wife and children Shweta and Abhishek. The theme of Jalsa holds an imperial inspired look, dedicating most of its vital aspects to royalty. The living area, bedrooms, halls and dining are the key elements that encapsulate the true essence of royalty.


4. Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan home inside photos (3)

Embraced for his larger than life appeal, Hrithik Roshan has been one of the best actor, dancer and performer that the industry could ever have. He is a man of simplicity who believes that luxury is something that one should nurture and encapsulate it with simplicity. The same concept is even seen at his house El Palazzo which is located in Juhu, Mumbai. It is a duplex house and is sorted to be amongst the costliest properties of the place.

Designed with an innovative contemporary style, Hrithik has endeavors a magnificent interior and the mastermind behind this work was none other than his ex-wife Suzanne Roshan who herself is a professionally trained interior designer. She has worked on every element of the house taking care of the off white and white aspects of the house. Other than the interior, the view is something that adds up to the charm of the house giving the bungalow a vintage look.

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5.  Kareena Kapoor Khan

kareena house 1

Kareena Kapoor had to move to Bandra, Mumbai after her mother separated from Randhir Kapoor. After selling Nepean Sea Bungalow both the sisters Kareena and Karishma where brought up by her mother singlehandedly. However, after Karishma got married mother and daughter Kareena had to move to the Oberoi Crest complex, which is the current residence of Babita Kapoor. The Oberoi crest complex is actually a posh area of Mumbai that is recorded to be an up market area of the city.

Interesting thing about this house is that the interior of this house is designed by professional interior designer and friend Twinkle Khanna, wife of renowned Bollywood star Akshay Kumar. She has done a marvelous job with the house and has given it a decent earthy touch, capped with the colors of nature. Entire house holds a wooden touch to it which are balanced with perfect wooden furniture and wood themed elements.


6. Salman Khan

salman galaxy

The heartthrob sensation of Bollywood is someone who has always loved his family more than his life. This is well proven from the fact that, Salman Khan has almost spent 40 years at the Galaxy Apartments with his parents and adopted little sister Arpita. This house is situated at Bandstand; just a few streets across Bandra, Mumbai. The best thing here is that even after achieving all the success that he could in this industry, he never thought of changing his address or transforming his house into a palace.

He always believed that his house signified those golden childhood memories that he had spent their as little Salman Khan. The interior of the apartment is neither too classy nor too modern. It just holds the perfect balance of traditional style with a dash of modernity. Amazing gym area, beautiful living area and stylish bedrooms are something that are the star of these apartments.

7. Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha, daughter of an unforgettable actor Shatrughan Sinha is the rising star of the Bollywood industry. However, no matter how famous she gets this daddy’s little girl never really left her parents house and thus still stays with them even after the fame and success that she has achieved till date.

Sonakshi, along with her parents and two twin brothers lives in a duplex house where the upper floor is taken by her parents, the middle area by her and the lower floor by her twin brothers. The interior of her house is bold and stylish and is something that was designed by both mother Poonam Sinha and her talented daughter Sonakshi.

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